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Ichihime. In a nutshell.

I wrote an essay arguing that Ichigo and Orihime are not going to be a canon romantic pair. If you are interested in hearing those thoughts, please click the text.

Otherwise, this is my personal blog, and welcome to my thoughts :)
My beloved khyata is getting married today (well, today in her timezone!). She might not see this before, because I know she'll be super busy with wedding preparations! but whenever you do, know that I love you dearly. May you and your husband have an extraordinary, wonderful lifetime together, with all the happiness you can possibly imagine and more. Sea, you're going to be the most beautiful bride of June 29th in the history of all June 29ths. I know it.

The reason I'm posting is to share the art that I commissioned for Sea. The artist is Shikakashi @ Deviantart and she was an absolute doll to work with. Super sweet, very prompt and in my humble opinion, did a job that far surpassed anything I was actually expecting and really stepped up to the plate when I told her my requests. (I got her off of a rec on bleachness' art recs day! I think one from enisy?) My darling Sea loves this Bleach couple, so I just had to commission her a fitting art. <3

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So incredibly gross

I tried to make this into an icon, aizome, but it is bitching.hard. So hey, just have some wriggly QBs until then. khyata, please feel better soon <3

Madoka questions post

Now that I've harassed some of my friends into watching this series after in turn being harassed by Sea and Q (so many Madoka converters out there), cut for things I'm curious about in this series. SPOILERS FOR 1-10. These are just my rambling thoughts - it's so much fun to SPECULATE, damn.

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I command you to watch Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika.

If you do, make sure to give it a real chance: at least episodes 1-3 because episode three is the "hook" episode, not 1-2. I'm serious. Take one hour of your time and have a really trippy hour.

Want to know what it's about? Bare facts: There are girls out there who can have magical powers to fight witches, which are monsters that curse and kill innocent people. They make a contract for these powers: I'll fight witches with this magic, and in return, I get one wish. Any wish. Anything in the world that I want. This is about one decision, one moment in time, and all the girls involved. It is probably the best deconstruction of mahou shoujo and the heroic story in general that is currently on the market.

It's excellent. It's Princess Tutu excellent and I rarely say that. It loves more than anything else to rip out the viewer's still-beating heart and jump up and down on it, but oh, in a good way. It knows it can do that. It has the things I love best in a series: excellent pacing, sharp writing, and the most fantastically written characters in a long time. A really long time, if I'll be honest.

Best of all, to me: it has exquisite female characters. khyata and qwirky recommended me this series in part because they wanted to torture me by making me cry, but also in part because they know how genuinely upset I am by Orihime and, quite frankly, most Orihime fans. Right now, I feel like Orihime fans are overdoing it. I truly think that objectively speaking, Orihime's behavior is just adequate. It's nothing to write home about, and if you want to argue with me then explain to me why she didn't heal Ishida if she actually is using her fairies, and no, Ryuuken is not a good excuse because if she has enough time to hand-deliver bread every single motherfucking day, she has enough time to visit Ishida after 11 o'clock at night when Ryuuken is in his armchair with a cup of tea and a monocle and not harassing his son. And yet every chapter, I lay this out and someone tries to convince me that bullshit tastes like candy.

I've felt frustrated with Bleach fandom for years now, but it's truly wearying on me as of late. I feel like I'm in an alternate universe whenever I read Bleach fandom praise Orihime because I'm just like: do you know what real heroines are like? Because they're not like this. Real human heroines or real anime heroines, no one is as as overbaked as Inoue Orihime. Let's face it, Kubo-sensei should have taken her out of the oven a long time ago, but instead he covered her with frosting and inexplicably stuck her back in the oven to bake more, except sugar burns so now nothing is left but this black and crusty shell where an admirable character used to be years ago. Then he slapped frosting on again and was like HAY LOOK DELICIOUS PAN TAKE THIS PAN? and I said D: except then fans said YAY THIS IS THE BEST PAN I HAVE EVER HAD, I LOVE THE WAY IT BREAKS MY TEETH AND CUTS MY TENDER TENDER MOUTH, IS THIS PAN NOT BETTER THAN THE HUECO MUNDO PAN, CANNOT WAIT FOR THE UPGRADE TO THIS PAN, I THINK IT WILL HAVE BROKEN GLASS THIS TIME!

And look, I have one truth about Orihime: until she actually thinks about who she is, what she really wants, and what she's done, she is not going to get a power-up and that's because she doesn't deserve one until that happens and until then you cannot expect anything. I'm not trying to be nasty. At the beginning of the arc, I knew Orihime still had to have feelings for Ichigo because when Orihime has a chance, yes, she will deny what she conveniently can. And a hell of a lot of things are convenient to ignore for her. (HE GAVE ME BREAD! MY OWN BREAD OH MY GOODNESS HE IS SO NICE TO ME HE GAVE ME MY OWN BREAD) And I'm tired of giving her passes. She's not more real just because she's not awesome. Furthermore, she's not a better character just because she's seventeen, which is what I assume people are trying for whenever they pull that card. This is the kind of behavior I didn't tolerate in myself or other students when I was, in fact, seventeen.

You know, I realized the other day that the things people praise Orihime for in this chapter - great fighting stance, nice expression, said she wouldn't let him go for Tatsuki-chan Ishida-kun, she used Santen Kesshun - these are the things that she achieved in 2002, when she and I were both fifteen years old. Fifteen. I turn twenty-four in May. That makes me genuinely quite sad.

It takes more than words: it takes thought and it takes action. That's why I recommend Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika. Don't let the character design fool you: this is some of the very best writing you will see about what it's like to be an ordinary teenage girl with extraordinary powers, with all the possible outcomes. Some have that intangible unselfishness that I so desperately need in a character to like and that hurts me every day that I don't see it in Orihime. It's willpower. It's facing up to reality. It's being beaten down and crushed and trying your best anyway because the alternative is intolerable in oneself. It's putting your heart and soul and very sanity on the line for the person you love most in the world even if they never know it and maybe especially then. And ... yes, there are the self-made martyrs, the characters who think that love can be bought, the characters that want easy passes without consequences when in the real world for real people, consequences exist every day. And they are not exempt, because this anime about teenage girls with magical powers is as real as it gets.

Watch it. Streaming or torrent. It ends in just two more episodes at 12 total, so catch this while it's hot. It's insanely popular and tons of mangaka are watching it, from Tanemura Arina to Kubo Tite. If I were a religious woman, I would describe what I do every day as prayer: my desperate hope that Kubo learns from what is the truly cathartic, emotional experience that is Mahou Shoujo Madoka.
30 pics behind the cut! And they are large, high-quality pics because my friend took most of these pics with her SLR. I'm not even kidding, they're huge and I didn't resize them much because the detail of their faces is just GORGEOUS, guys. All I wanted to do was rest a little today, so here goes :3

The good, nicely done pictures are almost certainly A) taken later on during the shoot and B) taken by a real-life friend of mine who knows nothing about Bleach, but is fond of me and thought it was funny. I mostly ran around holding the calendar pages up (and screaming as they fell out of the binding). Thanks to my friend for helping me *_*

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Update: OMAKE!

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fanfiction: A Thousand Bridges (1/1)

A Thousand Bridges
One boy and one shinigami never meet. The lives of Uryuu, Orihime, Renji, Byakuya, and most of all, Ichigo and Rukia. IchiRuki. One-shot.

Rating: PG

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Okay. I failed to be consistent about this. BUT. LOOK AT MY EXCUSE.

He's just about 5-6 weeks old. The best friend found him sitting underneath a car, crying, clinging to a tire axle, late at night in a dangerous area with coyotes. Coyotes! So she took him home for just one night, and then the next day, when she took him to the animal shelter?

They said they would immediately euthanize him because he was too young. A baby! Immediately euthanize! How could they even say that! (Yes, I know the practical reasons why and the limited resources of an animal shelter and the sad tragedy of the millions of cats and dogs that get euthanized every year because of careless owners, don't mind my drama.)

Bestie was not going to give him to the animal shelter at that, so she took him back to her apartment, and he was sick, and he had an eye infection and he was covered in fleas (and this when he is too young for flea medication!). So then her best friend decided to come visit her on Thursday and stay for several days, even though her place does not have any internet. Hence the lack of 30 Days entries and general lack of internet; I was not going to blog from my pitiful Samsung Impression.

... but it was worth it, because lookitthatface.


He's tiny. Four of his faces could fit in the palm of my hand. He doesn't have an adult meow yet - he has a, "Mew!" which he repeats at increasingly fast speeds when he is stressed out. The fleas are almost entirely gone now, his eye infection is better, and her parents have agreed to adopt him into la familia as long as he doesn't die. Just a little longer until he's old enough for his vaccinations~

So yes. Wouldn't you spend several internetless days picking up a confused, pooing kitten and ploinking him in a litterbox? (He IS trained now.) And sitting with him as he decides that between your calves is the best place in the universe for him to stretch out on his back and writhe around? And inflicting punishment on him whenever he tries to bite fingers ("fingers are not toys"), which in my best friend's world is a rapidly-inflicted puff of air to his face? (He scrunches up his eyes and then stares at us like he has no idea what just happened, he did nothing, what are we doing that for?) All of that is worth showering later and discovering that one's legs hurt like the fire of a thousand suns because there are tiny little scratches all over (wtf I was wearing jeans).

Yeah. So the meme will be continued... later.

30 Days

Made it by 22 freaking minutes. DX

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